For years now, many properties in the US, including Clarksville, MD, contain heating oil tanks. Some of these tanks have been left unused, some old, and some haven’t been maintained which makes oil tank removal extremely important to avoid the damage that can occur if left alone. Oil tank removal in Clarksville, MD

Old oil tanks can pose health and environmental problems. And as a homeowner, it is important to remove them from your property.

heating Oil Tank Removal in Clarksville, MD

History of Oil Tanks

When oil was discovered in 1859, it was first stored in wooden barrels. However, as crude oil became more valuable, oil companies needed a better way to store oil. This led to the invention of the “steel storage tanks” in the late 1800s.

By the 1900s, there were concerns about these tanks’ safety, especially regarding oil leaks, and improved materials for oil tanks took shape.

Now, due to the environmental and health risks associated with the tanks, many choose to remove or upgrade the tanks to safer options like AST and UST.

Functions of Oil Tanks

Oil tanks are necessary during the production stages of crude oil. They hold the unrefined and refined products before they are delivered into the appropriate pipelines or tankers.

Also, oil tanks hold the oil supply for the home’s heating systems. There are two major types of these oil tanks, and they include:

Above Ground Storage Tank or AST

ASTs are large visible storage tanks installed near the home, usually attached to the building. When a leak occurs, it’s always visible. 

Underground Storage Tank or UST

USTs are out of sight, buried underground, and usually larger than AST. 

Why Are Old Oil Tanks a Concern

An unexpected buried UST usually poses problems to new homeowners during construction or renovation. 

“Out of sight, out of mind” applies to the UST. Many homeowners often forget about this oil tank, and some even forget where the tank is in their yard.

Old or neglected oil tanks can pose problems to the environment and health in different ways;

If there’s any sign of leakage from your oil tank, then it’s vital to have it removed and replaced by a licensed company.

How Do Harmful Substance Escape Oil Tanks

Underground oil tanks start to corrode if they are underground for a long time. And corrosion causes a break in the system, leading to leaks or spills. What’s more, a broken pipeline can also lead to leaks. 

Signs of a Leaking UST

Common signs of a leaking oil tank include pungent petroleum odor, stains on the soil, discolored soil, dead vegetation around the pipe areas. On the other hand, some of these signs go unnoticed until a professional remove the tank. 

Why You Should Get GreenTRAX To Remove The Tanks

There are different reasons why you need to remove your tank. When you notice leaks, don’t delay; get professionals to remove it.

If you’re planning to sell your house or property with an oil tank buried, you should remove them so it won’t be a liability to the buyer.

Meanwhile, when dealing with oil tanks, you need a professional and licensed company to handle it more efficiently.

To Determine If Removal Is the Best Option

A professional will determine if the removal is the best move. Many companies that offer removal services also offer repair services. If you’re removing your oil tank because it’s damaged, a professional can help determine if it’s the best option and if they can fix it.

Minimal Damage

Professionals do a meticulous job to prevent unnecessary damage to your property. While it is normal for damage to occur, a professional will minimize it to prevent expending more money to restore your property.

Save Money

If your tank is still in good condition and still want to keep it, a professional will get it out without damaging or destroying the tank. You can reuse the tank or sell it.

Abide By Laws and Regulations 

Some local laws and regulations oversee heating oil tank removal in Clarksville, MD. Removing it yourself or by an unlicensed individual can lead to legal issues. That said, you will have no issues hiring professionals with the proper legal permits.

Are you searching for oil tank removal experts around Clarksville, MD? You are at the right place! 

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