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General information

The most common size of a residential UST is 550 gallons; other sizes include 275, 290, 300 gallons and 1000 gallons

If the tank is over 1100 gallons in size it is considered commercial and the MDE must be onsite for the project


In most cases it is better and cheaper to remove your UST, rather than abandoning it in place. Some counties require approval from the inspector before a UST can be abandoned in place


You will find our removal process in most cases is completed in less than one day with very little disturbance to your yard or your schedule.  We handle all of the arrangements; including contacting Miss Utility, obtaining permits, scheduling inspections, obtaining soil samples and providing the property owner with a full closure report to show the tank has been dealt with properly and legally


  • The average life of an underground storage tank is 20 years
  • MDE requirements state any underground storage tank has to be removed by a licensed tank remover
  • After a tank is taken out of service, MDE says that the tank must be removed within 180 days
  • If you are selling your home it is better to call us before you get a contract on the house
  • If you are buying a house - some banks, mortgage companies & insurance companies will require that the tank be removed prior to settlement
  • Some insurance companies will also not renew your policy if you have an old underground tank
  • Many plumbing companies are not licensed UST removers
  • Even if you have a UST under your house, addition, garage, carport or patio we can still properly and legally abandon your tank 
  • If you had a tank abandoned illegally many years ago,  it is still possible have a leaking tank. You could still be held responsible for removal of the tank and any contaminated soil remediation